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Lightning Protection System, Virginia

We install Lightning Protection Systems for Houses, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Barns, Metal Buildings, and Trees

WB Lightning Rods installs commercial & residential Lightning Protection Systems in Virginia and beyond.  We are a licensed and insured family operated business and have been designing and installing lightning protection and surge protection for Virginia homes and businesses since 1950.

WB Lightning has been screened and approved with a Five Star rating through Angi, formerly Home Advisor.

Our Lightning Protection system services include:

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    • Providing all materials, labor, equipment and services.
    • Subcontracting with various trade and specialty contractors.
    • Applying for or assisting in the application process for building permits.
    • Monitoring schedule and cash flow.
    • Maintaining accurate records.
    • Ensuring a safe and secure project site.+

    Why You Need a Lightning Protection System in the State of Virginia

    Mother Nature can be beautiful and awe-inspiring. She can also be unpredictable and sometimes destructive. Millions of dollars are spent every year in repairing damage caused by tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, blizzards and lightning. While many of these acts of nature cannot be controlled, lightning strikes can.

    Virginia sees her fair share of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes with an average of 344,702 strikes annually. Although lightning strikes can occur any time throughout the year, summer is considered peak season in Virginia, especially during the summer storms.

    With our help, you won’t have to fear Virginia’s summer storms again. We’ll provide you with a lightning protection system that will guide the massive electrical current in the lightning strike safely to the ground, therefore ensuring the safety of your household.

    We are specialists in the provision of lightning protection systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our professional staff is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and excellent workmanship. We’ll ensure that the system we provide you with meets the Underwriters Laboratories and National Fire Protection Association standards.

    Lightning strikes can result in damage amounting to thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you want to protect your household and property from the dangers of lightning strikes, then you should contact us right away. We’ll provide you with an effective passive way to protect your household. Our lightning protection systems are designed to not only be effective but also be virtually invisible.

    Contact us today and we’ll design a system suited for your needs and requirements.

    Commercial Lightning Protection

    Commercial Lightning Protection

    Many industrial and commercial property owners are choosing lightning protection systems for their structures as part of the overall security package to protect property, inventory, electrical equipment and precious human life.

    Residential Lightning Protection

    Residential Lightning Protection Systems

    A lightning protection system consist of many components. The key components, which work together to protect structures from lightning damage are air terminals, conductors, bonds, ground terminations, and surge protection devices.

    Lightning Protection for Barns & Farmhouses

    Barn Lightning Protection

    We install lightning rods with wire connections to the ground for barns. If lightning strikes the barn, it won’t bother your horses because the rods will absorb the brunt of it.

    Lightning Protection for Trees

    Tree Lightning Protection System

    Lightning protection devices from WB Lightning Rods can lessen the likelihood of harm from a  lightning strike. In order to mitigate the risk of tree damage and carry the electrical charge to the soil, where the energy is diffused, lightning protection systems use copper conductors coupled to a ground rod. Our technologies have a strong track record of safeguarding trees, and also lessen the possibility of a side-flash to neighboring structures.

    Lightning Rods

    Lightning Rods

    The lightning rod, which Benjamin Franklin invented in 1749, is a metal pole mounted atop a building that draws lightning’s electrical charge away from the structure. The rod is attached to an aluminum or copper cable that’s connected to an underground conductive grid.

    Our Work

    Why We Do It Better

    Lightning protection is a very specialized field within the construction industry. To ensure your lightning protection system is properly installed and offers the protection it should, it is vital to hire an installation professional. We have the following certifications & credentials.

    • Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    • Licensed & Insured
    • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Member
    • Educated in UL 96A; NFPA 780; and LPI 175
    • Voted Home Advisor Top Rated
    • Awarded Elite Service Professional On Home Advisor
    • Best of Home Advisor Winner 2016